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Rating your music
Offline Music
Music Search
Instant Mix
DJ wirelessly
Background Audio
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Version 3.2

This is a minor release that contains a few bug fixed mainly:
- Shuffle 
- Song selection
- Few crash causes


Add up to 20,000 more songs from your personal music collection to Google Music for free. Than access your Google Music library on the web, your iPhone and iPad. No need to sync.

Google Music features on iPhone and iPad

Create your favorite playlists on Google Music and it will be synced directly to your iOS device. Google Music iPhone/iPad App also gives you flexibility to create new playlists, removed old ones and rename the existing ones right on your device and have it available on the web and other devices. Google Music iPhone App also give you access to Google’s Auto-Playlists such as Thumbs Up, Last Added and Free and Purchased. GoMusic App also provides Instant Mix functionality which creates playlists based on any song you choose.
Background Audio
Google Music iOS app allows you to play your favorite tunes in the background while using other apps. Background audio has been tested with over 40 hours of continuous play of Google Music content without interruptions. With iOS 5, Google Music iPhone is integrated with locked screen to show album artwork and playing track information, and all iOS devices allow you to use background music controls to control the app.
GoMusic App uses secure HTTPS connection with Google Music service. This means you data and Google account credentials are always sent over secure and encrypted network. And since GoMusic app does not store or share your data, you will always have a peace of mind that your Google Account is safe. Your security is our top priority, that is why we support 2 step authentication via SMS.
DJ wirelessly with AirPlay
A song, an album, a favorite playlist — if it’s on your Google Music account, you can stream it to your home entertainment speakers via Apple TV from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Because rocking out is always more fun in surround sound.
Offline Music
Google Music service is incredible because you can access all your music from anywhere and stream it directly to the web browser or your GoMusic iOS app. And if that was not enough, how cool would it be if you could listen to your favorites even when you had no reception or WiFi signal? With Google Music iOS app you can use offline feature to download any song, album, or artist directly to your device and have access to that music even when you are offline.
Music Search
Finding your music has never been easier. Google Music iOS app provides you with search capabilities that spend Albums, Artists and Songs. Making the search for that perfect song within your thousands of records a breeze.
Rating your music
You can rate music by clicking the 'Thumbs up' and 'Thumbs down' buttons that appear within the music Google Music player screen. Songs with a positive rating are added to your 'Thumbs up' auto playlist. When viewing your entire song list. We recommend making your Thumbs Up playlist available offline that way you will always have your favorite songs ready to play no matter where you are.
Google Music Instant Mix
Instant Mix, is a playlist generator developed by Google Research. Instant Mix uses machine hearing to extract attributes from audio which can be used to answer questions such as “Is there a Hammond B-3 organ?” (instrumentation / timbre), “Is it angry?” (mood), “Can I jog to it?” (tempo / meter) and so on. Machine learning algorithms relate these audio features to what we know about music on the web, such as the fact that Jimmy Smith is a jazz organist or that Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade are similar artists. From this we can predict similar tracks for a seed track and, with some additional sequencing logic, generate Instant Mix playlists from songs in a user’s locker.
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